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Due to the South African climate most exterior timber needs regular maintenance. We offer a Wooden Maintenance service that specializes in the maintenance of Wooden Doors, Windows, Decks, Poles, Louver’s, Furniture, Garage Doors and many other Timber Products that requires regular maintenance.

When the surfaces of all your timber products become damaged, leave the dirty work to us and contact us for a quotation to ensure the lifelong durability of all your Timber Surfaces.

Products: At Timber Treatment we use only the best products on the market to date.

Some of the products that we regularly use include : 

  • Satinwood  28
  • Khuni sealer
  • Ultracare gold
  • Color cote
  • Floor cote
  • Woodock 30/35/50/55
  • Rubbol
  • Silkwood
  • Silkwood decking
  • Swartland maxicare
  • Chemspec wood dressing
  • Rystix timbercare
  • Dulux woodgarg timber preservative
  • Nova 15 timberseal
  • Gencem bourne gleem
  • Plascon woodcare timber preservative
  •  V coat

Maintenance:   The maintaining of your timber products is at most important to ensure the lifelong durability of your timber.

We offer regular wooden maintenance Programs for your Wooden Products :

  • A once off maintenance
  • 6 monthly maintenance plan
  • Annual maintenance plan

All Prices are subject to a site inspection in order to determine the scope of the work of new works and wooden maintenance contracts.

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